Chevrolet Service | Preferred Automotive

Got a problem with your Chevy truck? Impala not running right? Visit Preferred Automotive in Gilroy for a Chevrolet service or repair. Our knowledgeable staff can diagnose any issue and repair any vehicle. This is a business we love, and it definitely shows in our work. Although we're fans and fanatics of every car, we get especially excited when it comes to Chevrolet service and repairs.

We have a complete selection of parts designed and manufactured particularly for your vehicle, ensuring that you're not stuck waiting weeks for parts that were ordered online the day you brought in your car. Any issues, from the most serious and debilitating to the most minor and surface serviceable, are within the expertise of our helpful staff. We are happy to inspect and repair your Chevy with the care you'll come to expect from top class technicians.

Here at Preferred Automotive, we're truly masters of our craft. We take pride in this fact. Our customers love us for it. We've become known for it, and plan on continuing that way. So if you're riding dirty and driving off roads in a truck, or are a regular city slicker looking for Chevrolet service in Gilroy, we humbly submit to you that there's no need to look any further. We've got it covered.