Mercedes Service | Preferred Automotive

Our highly skilled ASE Certified Technicians possess in-depth knowledge of German-manufactured vehicles. We take pride in providing the very best service in the following areas:

  • Mercedes engine repair and maintenance
  • Mercedes Timing Belt and Water Pump Repair/Service
  • Mercedes transmission repair and service
  • Mercedes cooling system / Air conditioning repairs
  • Mercedes Brake Repairs and Mercedes ABS Brake Repairs
  • Mercedes electrical repairs

We provide thorough inspections at no charge and guarantee that your repairs will be handled quickly and professionally.

At Preferred Automotive, we try to prevent problems rather than just repair them, providing high-quality service at affordable prices.

Maintenance is almost always less expensive than repair, so our focus is on servicing your vehicle before it breaks down. Our priority is your safety and your car’s reliability. We follow the manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule for each car to make sure your car is running well and help you avoid costly repairs. The Mercedes maintenance schedule outlines the minimum care your needs to be considered safe and reliable.

If you have any questions regarding Mercedes factory recommended services or are in need of Mercedes service, please give our Gilroy office a call. Our ASE Certified Technicians are always happy to help.