Oil Change | Preferred Automotive

When you own a vehicle, you are made aware of just how important an oil change is for your vehicle. If you want your vehicle to remain healthy, you need to maintain it and one of the things you have to do is to have an oil change whenever your vehicle is In need of one. This is one of the main things when it comes to taking care of our vehicle and making sure that it’s prepared for the long haul. If you look in your owner’s manual, you will see that professional mechanics have listed their suggestions as to when you should have an oil change performed for your vehicle. If you neglect these milestones, you will be significantly decreasing the life of your vehicle. Instead of causing damage to your vehicle that you can’t take back, you should bring your vehicle to Preferred Automotive in Gilroy and let us perform an oil change on your vehicle if you are in need of one.

An oil change is extremely simple and won’t take long at all. Typically, we can have you in and out within 25 minutes. However, even though it’s a simple procedure, the consequences of missing an oil change can be quite severe. If you miss out on an oil change, you run the risk of ruining your vehicle. Therefore, you should set up an appointment with us today if you need an oil change.